American  Folk Artist J.L.Munro



American Artist JL. Munro, is a contemporary self - taught painter who in more than 45 years of work, has achieved a great amount of recognition. Paintings by Munro are listed in many important public and private collections, including the Smithsonian Institution, Museum of American Folk Art, New York City, The John and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Fennimore House Art Museum, Cooperstown, N.Y., also the American Art Museum, Bath, England, the Cahoon Museum of American Art, the Base Ball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, N.Y. and the Nantucket Whaling Museum,  Nantucket, Mass. .....   is to list only a few.


JL. Munro was born in 1949, in Massachusetts, and her earliest American roots trace back to the first settlers of New England, and New Amsterdam (New York). Munro describes her canvases as “pictorial - history” or that they are paintings with a message - actually read by the viewer, like a page in a book. Munro’s favorite landscape subjects include New England and New York. Whether it is a bustling city street, town center, or a quiet bay side village, paintings by this artist always illustrate living by the sea. Munro works for realism, and carefully finishes each canvas to tell a story of  Our American History.



"I got married in 1968, and did not go to college after high school. We had three kids right away, and I had a lot of part-time jobs, but I never took a job I couldn't quit. I've been a waitress, housekeeper, baby-sitter, window washer, bakery clerk, flower designer, and hospital EKG technician. I always knew that I was really a painter, and that working for a little money at some other job was temporary, 'till I could get back to my canvases." Today the Munro's make their home on Cape Cod,  Mass.  -  and enjoy their leisure times with family and 14  grandchildren.